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Activities - Research and Documentation

Research and documentation forms the core of The Foundation's activities. We seek to continuously study the various art forms related to Spiritual traditions, or those witnessing gradual decline for lack of awareness and mass attention. Through our various efforts, we aim to document these traditions for easy access by our future generations and bring these art forms in public domain to ensure their sustenance and growth.

The Qawwali Heritage Museum: Preserving Qawwali

The music form of Qawwali, a prominent part of the Chistiya school of thought in Sufism, has been witness to a gradual decline due to an unconscious indifference and neglect. The Foundation is working towards preserving this intangible heritage in a digital format which would be available to keen learners, scholars, musicians and connoisseurs of music for their research and use. Currently the museum is a digital interface that is accessible across the world through the medium of the internet. This web interface is developed in order to provide a brief demonstration of the actual museum with samples of collections which will be housed in the physical space of the museum to be developed in the future.

Preserving the Ganga-Jamuni Tehzeeb – a living heritage

The Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb is a unique heritage of the traditions of erstwhile Awadh that is a way of different communities and religions living in harmony and enriching each other. To preserve and propagate this invaluable heritage especially in modern times of intolerance, The Foundation has conceptualized and organized a unique festival “Bhakti Rang” at Jaipur, Rajasthan, which explored the inter-religious issues through music and dance and brought together references of different religions on the same plane of confluence, for the audiences to experience. Another major effort is a one of its kind concept project, titled “Radha Raas” that captures the divine love of Lord Krishna as imagined and written by Muslim poets. Such a unique secular initiative has never appeared before the masses and adds to the list of successful initiatives taken by The Foundation.

22 Khwaja Project:

“22 Khwaja Project” is a long term initiative taken by The Foundation, to create awareness about the mostly unknown 22 Shrines located in Delhi and around, taking the city dwellers through the lives and messages of the many Saints who had made this city their abode. The project also revives the works of erstwhile lesser known but exemplary poets of Awadh/ Uttar Pradesh who had extensively written under the influence of Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb. This initiative brings to foreground the poets who have written in-depth poetry that is sung till today, however the public at large is unaware of the lives of these marvelous poets.